Hello, my name is Frank. I’m a designer and developer living in Magdeburg, Germany. I started creating pixels and code on a Commodore 64 in 1985. Followed by an Amiga and a PC, I finally felt in love with Apple and bought my first Mac – a Power Macintosh 6100 in 1994. After thrilling years working for global brands as a Designer and Programmer, I’m now mainly focused on developing my own Apps for iOS and macOS.

My latest iOS App is out! Nums helps you to learn numbers in 25 different languages.

I love taking pictures. See my best shots on my photoblog and Instagram.

Peanut & Pepper is a new project that I started together with my girlfriend. If you like to rattle the pots and pans, you can follow us cooking on YouTube.


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Please email me for support, feedback or feature requests.

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