Nums - Learn Numbers

Learn numbers in a foreign language, quick and easy, with Nums! Practice your numbers in 25 different languages!

Nums - Learn Numbers
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Nums - Learn Numbers in a foreign language

Nums will select a random number. Listen to this number and enter it on the numeric keyboard! For beginners the number is also shown on the display, but after a few training sessions you will be able to understand it only by listening. You can select between 8 different ranges of numbers starting with 0 - 9 up to 9999 and 5 voice speeds.

With just a few minutes of practice each day you will improve your understanding of foreign numbers and your travelling and bargaining skills.

Nums - Learn Numbers in a foreign language



Nums does not access any personal data. Doesn’t track you. It’s ad-free.


For help, feature requests or bug reports please write me an email me.

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Learn Numbers with Nums!

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Download the press kit with fact sheet, images and screenshots. Please email me for a press copy of Nums.

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