_ December 30, 2018

My app is available as a free download for a few days. If you always wanted to try Nums, now is the best time 😜 Happy New Year and happy language learning 😀

_ December 05, 2018

Nums just got a new update v1.21!

Learn numbers in 25 languages – English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Thai, Russian, Dutch, French, Arabic, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Korean and Czech.

Get Nums - Learn Numbers on the App Store! Happy learning 😀

_ November 20, 2018

Word highlighting

The new word highlighting feature of Nums 1.20 at work 🇫🇷 As the number is spoken, the names of the numbers are highlighted 😀

_ November 16, 2018

Nums Update v1.20 – New Dark Mode

iPhone 6s

Many thanks for your kind emails about learning successes and suggestions for app improvements. This motivates me to continuously improve Nums. Here’s my the latest update for you!

If you like the new update, I would be very happy if you leave a review on the App Store. Thank you in advance!

_ October 09, 2018

The app page of Nums is now also available in German. 🇩🇪

_ September 26, 2018

Photo comparison: iPhone XS vs iPhone 6s

Got my new shiny iPhone XS! Here is a selection of photos taken with the new XS and my old iPhone 6S side-by-side.

I’m really happy with the photo quality, it’s a big leap from my old iPhone 6s. I also love the new lower focal length of 26mm 1 (iPhone 6s 28mm). It’s a big plus for me.

I’m looking forward to trying out the new camera capability on my trip to South Tyrol next week. I will publish the photos on my Photoblog. 2

All photos are unedited, with one exception that they have been scaled down to be 2500 pixels in width – exported from the Photos app on my Mac in JPEG Quality: high.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s

  1. 35 millimeter format equivalent 

  2. All photos taken after September 22, 2018 are shot with an iPhone XS 

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_ September 25, 2018

Nums - Update v1.11

Nums just got a new update!

Learn numbers in a foreign language! Download version 1.11 on the App Store!

_ September 21, 2018

Nums 1.10 is now available!

You can download the new Version on the App Store! Happy learning 😀

_ August 24, 2018

Nums - Learn Numbers in a foreign language

My first iOS App is out! Nums helps you to understand and learn numbers in a foreign language.

Learning Xcode & Swift and designing and coding the app took more time than I expected, but finally Nums - Learn Numbers is on the App Store! I’m so happy 😀

_ July 19, 2018

I’m back in Germany. After two weeks in Munich, where I visited my parents and friends, I am on the road again. Now on the way to different places in the north/east of Germany. No new photos at the moment, so I will post some old ones from my last year’s trip to northern Spain.