_ July 19, 2018

I’m back in Germany. After two weeks in Munich, where I visited my parents and friends, I am on the road again. Now on the way to different places in the north/east of Germany. No new photos at the moment, so I will post some old ones from my last year’s trip to northern Spain.

_ May 13, 2018

My new Photo Blog is online, with beautiful impressions of the Canary Island La Palma. Don’t miss any new photos and follow the Photo Feed or via

_ February 09, 2018

Moony Monster Pixel

…had some time and made a little pixel Moony Monster.

_ January 12, 2018

Pixel Dog

Just a little pixel dog having fun… 🐶

_ January 05, 2018

“Spectre can be exploited in web browsers, including Safari, using JavaScript” – via macstories.

Until the first Meltdown and Spectre patches see the daylight, I think it’s not wrong to take some security precautions. Websites with doubtful origin should be avoided at the moment. I think it’s also a good idea to disable Javascript in the browser.

_ January 04, 2018

Pixel Bunny

I made this animated pixel bunny last year and tried to make a little iOS game out of it – maybe this year I’ll find more time to work on it.

_ December 19, 2017

Stranger Things Cover Art

You love „Stranger Things“ and Chiptunes? Then the awesome Chiptune Edition of the Stranger Things Soundtrack by Gruber is for you! The gorgeous cover art was created by Pixel Artist Tassilo Rau.

_ December 17, 2017

Inspired by the indieweb mindset and Manton Reece’s -, finally my blog is up and running! Based on static pages and done in jekyll, I’m really happy with it. If you want to learn jekyll too, I can recommend this video course – it’s great for beginners.

_ December 12, 2017

Emoji Bots Xmas

A pre-Christmas present to all Emoji Bots friends. Free Xmas update with four new stickers for the Christmas season! Download the new Version v1.10 on the App Store.

_ December 05, 2017

Pixel Computer Booting

Pixel Computer Booting – pixelart dedicated to the nextcloud Community. Created in Asesprite – it’s a great piece of software for pixel art and animation.