_ May 10, 2021

hic et nunc

Since many years, photography is one of my favorite creative playgrounds. Now you can collect some of my work as cleanNFTs on hic et nunc.

hic et nunc is a NFT platform based on the Tezos blockchain to collect and trade digital artworks and was created by Rafael Lima.

Because the Tezos network uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols, it is much more energy efficient than the Proof of Work (PoW) protocols used by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

_ March 03, 2020

Clampofix Installation

One of my friends has invented an ingenious bracket for light canopies. I made an installation video for his startup Clampofix. You can watch it on YouTube.

_ September 21, 2019

If you encounter any problems using Nums after updating your iPhone/iPad to iOS 13, just delete and reinstall Nums and everything works as normal.

_ September 18, 2019

Peanut & Pepper

Peanut & Pepper is a new project that I started together with my girlfriend (Peanut) πŸ˜€. If you like to rattle the pots and pans, you can follow us cooking on YouTube πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

_ July 01, 2019

Dark Mode

My website is now optimized for Dark Mode. The CSS prefers-color-scheme media feature is currently supported in Safari 12.1+ and Firefox 67+ – support in Chrome is expected later this year. If you’re using macOS 10.14+ or iOS 13 Beta, enjoy the dark side! 😎

_ January 29, 2019

It’s time for a new sale. My app Nums is 50% off for a limited time – grab it on the App store! πŸ˜€

_ December 30, 2018

My app is available as a free download for a few days. If you always wanted to try Nums, now is the best time 😜 Happy New Year and happy language learning πŸ˜€

_ December 05, 2018

Nums just got a new update v1.21!

Learn numbers in 25 languages – English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Thai, Russian, Dutch, French, Arabic, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Korean and Czech.

Get Nums - Learn Numbers on the App Store! Happy learning πŸ˜€

_ November 20, 2018

Word highlighting

The new word highlighting feature of Nums 1.20 at work πŸ‡«πŸ‡· As the number is spoken, the names of the numbers are highlighted πŸ˜€

_ November 16, 2018

Nums Update v1.20 – New Dark Mode

iPhone 6s

Many thanks for your kind emails about learning successes and suggestions for app improvements. This motivates me to continuously improve Nums. Here’s my the latest update for you!

If you like the new update, I would be very happy if you leave a review on the App Store. Thank you in advance!